1st GOLD
Style: German-style Blonde (Kolsch), ABV: 4.5%,
Hops Used: 
Mt. Hood, IBU: 20
Description: Inspired by a 2000 World Beer Cup Gold Medal winning German Blonde Ale recipe, straw yellow colored with a soft Pilsner malt flavor and lightly hopped with Oregon grown Mt Hood hops for a crisp clean finish.


Style: German-style Amber (Altbier), ABV: 5.0%
Hops Used: Nugget, IBU: 32
Description: Designed as an updated version of traditional German Amber Ale, deep amber colored with medium intensity toasted malt flavors and laced throughout with a light fruitiness from Oregon grown Nugget hops, possesses a crisp clean finish.



Style: American-style Pale Ale ABV: 5.5%
Hops Used: Citra & Simcoe, IBU: 28
Description: Modern American Pale Ale, golden colored brewed with a proprietary pale malt blend for medium-low intensity malt flavor in support of bright Citra hop, accentuate by pungent Simcoe hop, and dry-hopped with both for bright hop aromatics.


525 Pine
Style: American-style Golden IPA, ABV: 6.5%
Hops Used: Mosaic & Centennial, IBU: 70
Description: Golden IPA having a deep golden color from premium English pale malts while lending a mildly sweet undertone for this Mosaic and Centennial hop laden IPA.  The unique hop combination contributes a fruity profile and a hint of pine aromatics to the beer’s lean body and firm finish.



Nut Farm
Style: Walnut Milk Stout on Nitro ABV: 6.0%
Hops Used: Nugget IBU: 20
Description: Named after the groves of walnut trees dotting our local landscape and the mild hint of walnut flavor that graces the brew.   Perfectly balanced flavors of roasted and caramel malts get a slightly sweet finish with a dose of lactose in the boil kettle.  A brown-black colored beer with mild roast and nutty black walnut aromas topped by creamy tan beer foam, infused with nitrogen conditioning.


Mind On My Orange
Style: Belgian-style Farmhouse (Saison), ABV: 5.0%
Hops Used: Mandarina Bavaria IBU: 20
Description: Straw yellow Saison brewed with Seville orange peel for a hint of orange zest aroma and flavor.  Perception of orange is further induced by the exclusive use of Mandarina Bavaria hop.  Effervescence and orange zest aromatics combine to present a refreshing brew with a dry finish.



Style: American-style Red IPA, ABV: 6.5%
Hops Used: Nugget & Mosaic IBU: 65
Description: Nicknamed in honor of North County’s “Pour House”, a Red IPA with deep ruddy and chestnut hues is brewed with rich caramel malts and elevated hop character.  Hop flavor and bitterness from Mosaic and Nugget hops prevails over the caramel malts and dry-hopping from both hops provides aromatic complexity along with fruity esters.




Hop Maniac
Style: West Coast-style IPA, ABV: 7.0%
Hops Used: Simcoe, Columbus, Cascade IBU: 75
Description: A definitive West Coast-style IPA inspired by the original 2003 GABF Bronze Medal winning Hop Maniac IPA.  British crystal and pale malts lend a medium copper color in this Simcoe hop dominant IPA.  Dank woodsy and herbaceous hop traits are pungent and zesty as well as verdant and floral.  *LIMITED RELEASE*



Ouroboros (Symbol of Renewal)
Style: Imperial Stout, ABV: 10.2%
Hops Used: Nugget IBU: 49
Description: Coffee aromas and flavors are fueled by three types of roasted malts and laced with complex dark sugar notes from Mucsovado and Belgian Dark Candi Syrup.  The richness of the stout is eased by a medium body and met with lingering flavors of dark caramels, toasted cereal, caramelized sugar, and bitter sweet chocolate.




Style: Smoked Porter, ABV: 6.3%
Hops Used: Nugget IBU: 20
Description: “S-Shot” smoked porter, a very special collaboration brew with Colby Chandler from Ballast Point Brewing Company, is named after the serpentine shaped shot on the disc golf course much like the flow of a smoke plume. Featuring Black Prince and Chocolate Wheat malts for a full but mellow black malt presence allowing a gentle smoke character to surface from Beachwood and Peachwood smoked malts.  *LIMITED RELEASE*


MJ’s Spicy Ginger
Style: Ginger Saison, ABV: 6.1%
Hops Used: Mandarina Bavaria IBU: 12
Description: Starting out as a mild French Saison brewed with Patagonia Extra Pale Malt and Puffed Red Rice, this very dry base beer transforms with the addition of highly aromatic fresh ginger juice and the subtle sweet heat of Fresno chili pepper juice.  Enticing and refreshing with a hint of lingering spice.



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